Thursday, 29 August 2013

3D and 2D

Our class have been making nets and then you transform it into a box.

This is a picture of my net

Here is a picture of my box.

Now I'm going to tell you how to make it

You start of by using your ruler and you do the first rectangle big and then the second one slightly smaller. But they are still as long as the first one. Then you repeat that pattern just one more time.

Now once you have done that you make some tabs. First you make a straight line and then you make another straight line across the top like the net make them big enough so they can reach the other side of the box. Now you do the same with the side of the net don't glue it yet other wise you will end up with a tunnel! Now once you have done the other side you make a little but big enough to attach it together you do it on a side that has nothing on it you only do it once.
Now go get your scissors and your glue stick. OK once you have got your scissors and glue stick. Now you glue the tab that has only one thing on it (which is that tab that your about to glue). ok now yu glue the tab that has no thing beside it witch is the one that is landscape. Now the tab that is glued you join the box together like my box. But the tab you glued has to go inside it so that it dosent show the tab.