Monday, 9 September 2013

The cat In the hat

This book is about two kids stuck inside on a wet day. Those two kids were called Sally and Conrad. All they did was sit staring at the window and look at the rain go drip drop drip drop' and then BUMP went the door. They stopped and stared the thing stepped on the mat. "Hello kids"
He said. He finally came inside Sally and Conrad screamed " aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" . They went under the bed and then the cat said "what ya hiding from??" "Monster "they both screamed . Then the cat he found out it was him they were scared of. He went into the closet and he said "allow me ahhhhhh". So they both ran down stairs and the cat came too. They both were quite scared of him. So the he introduced himself. "Hello my name is the cat in the hat". They both looked at each other with confusion. So then he said "well let's have fun!!" So then they went into the kitchen and he got his cupcake machine and he got his friend to bake them so they sat down and watched. "So what you do get a jar of jam put that the whole thing toothpaste the whole thing' six packets of minty lollies can of hot chills peppers ' seven harry potter jelly beans and purple food colouring." Now you get the baking tray and then you get the mixture put it in the tray . Now put it in the oven and cook it for 12 hours. Now lets go play some tennis! Next 12 hours. Cat we have to go home the cupcakes!! When that got in the door they walked onto the floor and fell straight through. Ahh . They fell onto there baby sitter and got a stick and rowed down river the cupcakes made the disaster . So then they got to the end and the house was ruined "CAT" mum going to be home any second now!!!" Get out" they both said and thing 1 and 2 went with him. Then the cat came back in with the cleaning machine. The cat and the thing one and two . They cleaned the whole in time for the party that they planned. There mum got home just before they fine shed they ran out the cat an d the thing one and twos and then they got ready for the party and they made it in time. So then they finished everything and they were done for the day .


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